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Jul 17, 2012 6:00am EDT
of this the result of soul- searching after a 19-7 trouncing at hands of the twins. minnesota shelled tillman for 7 runs and he threw 49 pips and was gone before the first -- pitches and was gone before the first frame. all of this comes back and forth and when the dust settled, the twins scored in all but two innings on 20 hits. and embarrassing woodshed beating. game two is tonight first pitch for 8:10. >>> three gun men are on loose in prince george's county. >> it started as a attempted robbery but turned deadly quickly. details ahead. >> hands up. walk to the door. >> montgomery county police have new tool to use in hostage situations. why the small device has so muchpotential to save lives. >> and a home owner in indiana doesn't let the drought affect him or his lawn. look at that nice lush green. how does he do it? well we will let you know when good morning maryland continues. >> reporter: it's pretty sad we have to talk about painting the lawns but we have not seen mamuch -- that much rain but there are a few chances in the 7-day forecast. i will have all that coming next. lauren. >> repor
Jul 16, 2012 6:00am EDT
of twins, one of them is happy, the other not so much. they are dressed identically. we posted the picture on facebook. tj wrote in saying you are going to mess this whole thing up. keep your comments coming. if you have a captionist photo idea, email it to >>> in a buyers market we will talk about that in a second. >> this is from penn state. more could have been done , the result of an independent investigation, regarding the abuse by jerry sandusky. as a result, artists painted over the halo over joe paterno on a mural on the penn state campus. it was added to the mural after paterno's death this year. a blue ribbon symbolizing support for child abuse victims remains on his jacket. >>> people trying to sell their homes, they are looking for any advantage they can get. >> what an oregon woman is telling buyers and what he ex- husband has to say. >>> aretha franklin may have a new job. what show she could be joining this year. >>> big name race car drivers are in baltimore. that story straight ahead. >>> a story making you ask what is wrong with the world? it's bad enough th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2